Hi there! Welcome to My Petite Mix. My name is Uche Oweleke and I am finally creating an outlet for the things I am passionate about and setting up a vision out of my dream as a little girl.

I believe simple and classy styles are everything. I also think that the most important part of a person’s style are your clothes. At the heart of it I want to share my journey in building a wardrobe for the petite woman. One that fits and suits your body figure. I am not crazy about expensive clothes all I want is a great fitting outfit. Style is about knowing and acknowledging your body type and what works for you. You need not break the bank to look amazing.

Here I will post recent obsessions and finds, my style routines and beauty stories along the way.



I love trying new things I hope this website makes every petite woman feel ooh.... so loved and extra special. Ultimately, I would love you all to be inspired by my petite style.

So, take a look through some of my favorite posts… I would love your comments, so kindly leave your comments on my social media and on the blog. It would mean so much.

Thank you!