Hi there! Welcome to My Petite Mix. My name is Uche Oweleke and I am finally creating an outlet for the things I am passionate about. I believe simple and classy styles are everything. I am not crazy about expensive clothes all I want is a great fitting outfit.

Boss Lady to Chill Queen

Boss Lady to Chill Queen


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Never boring, always unique.

I work in a place where I do not really have to dress up to go to work. We Nigerians like to dress to kill (y'all know what I mean). For the past three years I have noticed the difference in the dress sense of the average North American and an African when it comes to corporate wears. The former grabs a tee shirt and a pair of jeans on a Monday morning to work. I never tried that while working back home. For a long time now I can't really say I take time my to pick out for clothes for work but every day I go in to work everyone is all complements on my outfit. In my mind I say 'You should all see what happens when I get dressed'. I guess it's just the fashionista in me.



Casual look

Going for a casual look? Pair this long sleeved strip shirt with leggings and sneakers

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Easter Sunday Chic

Easter Sunday Chic

Spring forth in Ankara

Spring forth in Ankara