Hi there! Welcome to My Petite Mix. My name is Uche Oweleke and I am finally creating an outlet for the things I am passionate about. I believe simple and classy styles are everything. I am not crazy about expensive clothes all I want is a great fitting outfit.

My Best Birthday Yet

My Best Birthday Yet

Q: What is your best birthday yet?

A: It was my 30th…….First let’s go back to year 2002 or 2003 when I was so looking forward to what things would be like for me by the time I was 30. I looked forward to it so much I just couldn’t wait. I envisioned that by 27 I would be married, have 2 kids, have this fabulous and great paying job, or better still have started my business. However, as my life went by, “Adulting” set in with its ups and downs, twists and turns, obstacles, achievements, mistakes and all, I still excitedly waited for that day, February 13th of 2014. I was going to be three decades in this world.


Alas, the day finally came and I was like Yes! finally. I planned an intimate dinner party for a few close friends and family. It was awesome. The most important and interesting thing that day (besides the ambience of the restaurant and the food was that I learnt a lot about myself from my close friends. All the things they said were true but it was also eye opening seeing it from their own perspective. One of my dear friends said “she hasn’t changed one bit, she is still the same nice, kind, warm hearted gal” - someone you can always count on - Consistent. Trust me, that hasn’t changed still.


But let’s fast forward to February 13th 2019, I have learnt so so much that has enlarged my understanding of my purpose in today’s world.

Today, I chose to continue learning (Lord help me).

I choose to remove fear once it decides to creep up on me.

I AM WORK IN PROGRESS. That’s what is special about today.

Who knows what the future holds. Let’s look forward to the big 40. Happy Birthday to me!!!

What’s your best birthday yet?


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