This website is for everyone looking for inspiration on styles for class and elegance mixed with a little urban feel. However, here I will be creating an opportunity for anyone to discuss all things regarding size and fitting. Also all the issues I face in deciding on any outfit I purchase and wear.

Some problems most petite women face

  • You die inside when the cute dress you want to buy is not available in extra small. SOLUTION: Don't dwell on it, there is always another 'cuter' dress.
  • Stores never carry enough extra smalls, so you have a silent rivalry with all other tiny people to be the one to get the only outfits that will fit you. SOLUTION: Shop early
  • Finding clothes that fit. Growing up it was a real struggle....Anytime my mum bought dresses for me they had to be altered. SOLUTION: Find a good alterationist...scratch that; a great one.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on issues you face with regards to style or being petite and ways you have dealt with this. They are most welcome and I will be more than happy to respond.